What  we do

What we do

By Words designs and creates cultural events, exhibitions, prints and auctions to promote art, history and general culture values, with focus on crucial topics such are the protection of civil rights and the need for solidarity.

By Words takes a stand for the right to education, multiculturalism and equal rights by facing each challenge through art, culture and music activities focused on languages, social interactions and on the great influence the world we live in has on our identity.

Our goal is to create and enhance an all round mindset and be able to forget our “reference models” for a moment to get closer to different cultures and understand differences and analogies, and then go back to our cultural identity to make good use of what we have learned: history, art, science require us to question ourselves, to deal with our inner contradictions and with the cages that separate “us” from “them”, and become better persons without losing our identity.

This way, with these goals in mind, By Words supports all forms of art and culture, promoting equal rights and intercultural awareness.